Plain Speaking and Positive Messages

Posted on September 8, 2011

“We must stop using unintelligible jargon – words like ‘biodiversity’ and ‘ecosystem services’ and speak to people in terms that they can understand and that mean something to them in their everyday lives.”

This was one of the messages put forward by Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia participating at a high level round table discussion during IUCN’s regional meeting for Europe.

“We have five different constituencies we are trying to reach and we currently are effectively reaching only two”, he added. Putting forward the case for positive and aspirational messages to replace the gloom and doom scenarios that have become staple diet for the conservation community, he argued that conservationists need to start looking at their role in a different way – a role focused on helping people better their lives rather than practicing a politics of limits wrapped in alienating scientific language.

For summary of the round table discussion, follow this link